Canadian singer-songwriter Chris Corey blends 80s-flavoured pop with a dash of modern rock in his most recent single ‘Baby Steps’.

Following the release of tracks ‘Stepping Stones’ and  ‘Seven Year Itch’ in 2022, the artist currently splits his time between his native Ontario and Western Canada working on his debut album due out later this year.

“This record is really a mixed bag of everything.” He said when asked about the direction of the new material. And if this latest tune is anything to go by, the moreish pop and new wave sounds of the 80s were definitely an influence on that list genre-wise.

Thrown straight into the mix, it opens with an immediate eruption of drum machine beat quickly followed by licks of guitar. Chris Corey’s vocals aren’t far behind with delivery ranging from a tentative start before belting out the rousing sing-along chorus.
“So just give it up / And live like you’re never gonna get enough / Gotta take baby steps before you can run”

Lyrically, the Chris observes the world of today and how we approach life – whether that be with hesitancy or confidence, caution or recklessness – this life is a wild ride we’re all on together, so why not enjoy it? “It can be a cold world today / Maybe that’s just the millennial way / Living on a rollercoaster and speeding in the fast lane”

It’s easy to portray the world as being worse than ever, simply because we know much more now than we ever did, but this track takes that theme and scores it with an anthemic, upbeat and optimistic soundtrack.

From the synthy backbeat percussion to those bright guitar licks, ‘Baby Steps’ has all the right ingredients of an 80s radio hit. In fact, it wouldn’t feel out of place blasting from Andrew McCarthy’s car stereo in some coming-of-age Brat Pack flick. And damn, is it catchy.