We review the latest single from Cultures – If I Could

After almost a year since their last release, Manchester natives Cultures return with latest single – ‘If I Could’.

Following on from 2021’s ‘Marlone’, ‘I’m Not Alone’ and ‘Ghost’ – the new track – running at just over three-minutes in length – once again embraces that indie pop sound the band are so well-known for.

A combination of optimistic tones wrapped up in some real lyrical heartbreak, singer Josh Spivey explains “It’s a reflection on life and losing someone you love close to you and seeing them go through the pain”
Singing directly to that loved one, Spivey’s vocal delivery manages to be warm, mellow, and soulful too throughout as the track builds from sombre and wistful to an ever-warming hopefulness. “I’d carry you if I could”.

Filled with a mix of spiraling guitars and sharp almost off-kilter percussion – it’s a bit of a slow-builder this track. From the repeating refrain at around 1.45 to the stripped-back section at 2.10 as a thumping heartbeat-like drum descends (the one you could imagine being clapped along to by a crowd). I can’t help but feel that ‘If I Could’ could do with a little more light and shade. Something to break it up and really bring home that juxtaposition of heartbreak and hope.

Regardless, this return from the band after a relatively quiet year stays true to indie-pop form and sparks a comeback with gigs coming soon both home and away. Not to mention more singles due to drop – 2023 is looking promising.