KIN TALA, the boys from the seaside with some serious summery, beach vibes. Hailing from Blackpool where the music scene has really been building back up in recent years, KIN TALA have produced something quite beautiful. 

There’s a really great sense of musical direction in this one and quite honestly, it wouldn’t sound out of place booming out of a car on a hot summer’s day. Every part of the tracks little nuances are just so perfectly placed, these boys clearly have studied a way of writing and arranging a tune. 

The lads have done this so well that they just sound like a rather mature, established band and one that have been refining their craft for years. 

The only thing which could maybe be improved slightly is a slight change in vocal somewhere in the song, either dynamically or harmonically, it just feels like there’s somewhere else to go. 

This track has very much left me wanting more though, it’s a track that really sucks a listener in and just sort of takes you to a different place for a short duration of time. 

There’s really not much bad to say about this song, a cracking tune with incredible production and arrangement!