‘Peaceful’, the latest track from European synth-pop artist Laurelight is a song with a boatload of potential artistically, a real creative piece that feels like it has a lot to say. 

Unfortunately, this potential I would say isn’t fully reached due to a couple of parts falling short in the track. One of these is the synth line at the start of the song which just feels like there’s something missing, almost as if it keeps cutting itself short. 

The value of this track seems to get lost in the production, as a track it sounds like it wouldn’t be out of place in an arena with a huge earthy sound. However, the track is drawn back by this production. 

One highlight of this track, however, is the vocals. Those layers all sit so well together and are really impressive, this is clearly a musician who has a brilliant understanding of music and how vocal harmonies sit together with each other. 

All in all this track is a good track and shows real ground for further artistic development, with absolutely loads of potential on display. I do feel that Laurelight have a very strong sense of identity and direction within their music which will go a long way with the right tracks such as this one being released.

Make no mistake, this is a great track but there is definitely room for improvement. I’d love to see where Laurelight goes next with this really interesting sound they have crafted.