Luxembourg-native Loucas Bretz returns with ‘Hotel Melody’, a laid-back instrumental piece blending dynamic string-based melodies with steady percussive rhythms.

The new track seems to lack the feel-good energy emitted by debut single ‘Autumn Leaves’ and funk-infused follow-up ‘Golden Skies’, instead adopting a more melancholy tone. Inspired by the dark sounds of the Arctic Monkeys’ ‘Tranquility Hotel Base & Casino’ and Sage Gainbourg’s ‘Melody Nelson’, the record reflects the moodiness of long winter days, while offering brief moments of bliss in the form of infectious guitar riffs.

‘Hotel Melody’ opens with several anticipatory guitar chords before introducing foot-tapping drumbeats which give the track an almost ironic sense of danceability. Jazz-infused guitar riffs and groovy baselines further build the record to create impressive textured production while maintaining the minimalist approach that characterises much of Bretz’s work.

A smooth transition into catchy piano melodies and percussion-laden synths during the middle 8 ingeniously highlights the culmination of sounds which has been subtly layered throughout the track, once again serving as a reminder of the diverse musical talents of the artist-producer.

Electric guitar solos reminiscent of early indie rock dominate as the track reaches its climax, before fading back into the rhythmic drumbeats and groovy baselines that were showcased at the beginning of the record, as ‘Hotel Melody’ reaches its timely end.

As Bretz’s first release of 2023, ‘Hotel Melody’ provides a hopeful start to the year ahead for the emerging artist.