We review the latest single from Lukas Setto – My Destiny

We are hit with another summery offering from London’s Lukas Setto, this time in the form of his latest single – ‘My Destiny’.
After a couple of releases this year already – including ‘Here You Are’ and ‘Best Part of Me’ (plus 2021’s sensual ‘After Dark’ EP) – the artist comes in hot with an undeniably upbeat track.

‘My Destiny’ brings in elements of pop, soul, R&B and funk – all wrapped up in a feel-good mix. It’s a sound not too dissimilar from some of Lukas Setto’s previous work, yet still reinforces his musical upbringing with more than a wink and nod to his father’s extensive DJ collection. And with a vocal ability so suited to this vibe, it’s a match made in music heaven.

Running just shy of 4 minutes in the length, Setto is in no hurry to rush the fun. From the opening fuzzy scratch of a needle on vinyl, listeners are hit with the crisp beat of a hi-hat before being asked “Are you ready?”. And you better be, because here he comes..

Backed by bright trumpet sounds and an irresistibly peppy drumbeat, Setto launches into some pretty smooth yet agile vocals akin to fellow artists Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars with a hint of Stevie Wonder in there too. There’s a rhythmic dexterity to Setto’s voice that lends itself so well to the energetic playfulness of this track. Singing of never quitting or giving up, but going after your goals against all odds – soulful backing vocals add to the fullness of this tune giving it a definite singalong feel. “It’s my destiny / Getting closer”

The song’s danceable tempo dips only once with a break around the 1.50 mark, before soon picking back up thanks to a rather funky guitar solo, drumroll and Bruno Mars-flavoured yeah yeah yeah’s.
‘My Destiny’ is another infectiously funky tune from musician Lukas Setto, sure to get you up and moving.