The latest single from Chicago based artist Luke Frees ‘Moonshine Queen’ is a song that in its entirety seems to be somewhat defined by psychedelic music.

Pure experimentation and really ethereal sounds, this song truly is something that is a little bit out of this world. Recorded in Lukes apartment in Chicago and produced there too this is a true testament to the quality of work that can be produced using little resources in your own home nowadays. Honestly, a real credit to Luke too that the production of this track is so great. 

Nothing is out of place musically or in volume. One small bit of feedback for Luke for future tracks however would be that, although this track does have some dynamic movement, it could use more. With a track that is over 6 minutes long, it can often be difficult to keep the listener’s attention and this one did lose me in places. Aside from this, the vocals on this track are actually very unique, I don’t remember hearing anything like this recently and it really is a breath of fresh air. 

‘Moonshine Queen’ is so loaded with effects and is just a mammoth track right the way through until the end where the last couple of lyrics are completely raw with no effects with nothing behind them. I think it gives the track a really abrupt ending; which really suits this tune.