Stockport artist Matt Jacques really is breaking the traditional Manchester sound with his latest banger of a single ‘Back To Haunt You’. This song is so infused with folky, beautiful guitar lines that seem to give the track all of its rhythm and bounce. 

On a scene so overpopulated with artists trying to make a similar sort of music in Manchester, Matt is an artist who truly stands out to me among the music I have heard recently. There is such a sense of pain in this song however, it still somehow seems to be a really upbeat song and one that really has you listening over and over again. 

The lyricism in this song is something to really be cited, Matt clearly has a knack for the art of writing songs, there is an extremely profound sense of maturity and life in this song, a piece of music straight from the heart which comes across in every word that Matt is singing on this incredible track. 

This song isn’t something I really, as a writer, want to pick apart instrument by instrument as all of the parts are so perfectly executed, written, and performed. I will however give a quick mention to the drums on this track however, under the assumption that the guitar part for this track was written first, the drummer has written a part that perfectly follows almost the exact same rhythm the guitar is playing with its fluttering fingerpicked pattern. 

I’ll definitely be going out and catching Matt at one of his future shows and listening in for more music. Mind-bending musical ability is displayed in this song and I absolutely cannot get enough of it.