We review the latest single from Maya Lucia – Ur ruining it!

Last year, Minneapolis native MAYA LUCIA brought a beachy blast of catharsis to our ears with the release of her single ‘ur ruining it !’

Powerful yet playful, the almost four-minute track combines coastal grooves and angst-ridden relatable lyricism which reads like a page ripped straight from LUCIA’s diary. Letting it all out, the singer-songwriter tells that certain someone who pissed her off exactly what she thinks.

“You think that I want someone like that / But baby I don’t need you coming back / To me oh my god oh you’re ruining it / You’re ruining all the things that I said”

There’s a real sense of self-empowerment with this track, of knowing your worth – and this contrasts with the fun garage-pop surf rock sound. Sparkling guitar riffs and LUCIA’s unique vocal stylings give it a punchy, funky, danceable quality.

As we await the artist’s next EP due this Spring – we’ll certainly be singing along to this catchy number.