Eerie white noise leads into a rhythmically tingling and lyrically catchy fuelled piece of music here. Australian outfit ‘MEKL’ have released a hugely relatable piece of music with this latest single ‘New Mexico’.

I do feel this track could be improved in a couple of places with some dynamic changes that could maybe be incorporated.

There are nuances and little layers in this track that do make it really intriguing to listen to, such as the very small detail of the little synth swells added in the second verse to give the track some build and tension. 

One of the standout parts of this track is the rhythm that is kept all the way through, it’s just such a tap your fingers, get up, and dance sort of tune. Not to mention the earthy sound of the snare drum which just keeps snapping away throughout the track. The rhythmic awareness of this track is utterly unbelievable and enough to make anyone bounce along!

All in all a track that could most definitely be improved but also one that in moments is such an earworm. Really catchy and just sticks in the back of your brain even from the first listen.