We review the latest single from Minerva Daisy – Something Strange

They say the saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies, but from those you love – and Minerva Daisy certainly dishes the dirt (and the hurt) in her new single ‘Something Strange’.

The Manc-based, queer indie-pop songstress follows up last year’s tracks ‘Substitute’ and ‘Euphoria’ with a bit of a shift in sound. This latest release goes heavier than the artist’s previous efforts – with an edge to it as sharp as the knife branded on the cover art.

Something Strange’ details the discovery of an unfaithful lover – from those initial sneaking suspicions to spotting the signs and behaviour that gives their secret away.
Penned about an hour after Minerva found out an ex-partner had cheated; the heightened emotion is palpable in both the vivid lyricism and strong vocal delivery which skitters between playful and biting.
“Crocodile tears and empty promises / You won’t look at me / It’s there when you kiss me”

Opening with creeping harpsichord-like keys that seem to hit every sinister note possible, Minerva’s lyrics are backed by a slithering bassline and sorrowful guitar riffs. There’s a spikey, angular, almost unsettling quality to this tune – which given the subject feels rather apt. But don’t let this put you off.

By mixing elements of Lily Allen’s tongue-in-cheek manner and Florence Welch’s dramatic baroque-pop sound (both of whom happen to be inspirations to the artist) – in this track, Minerva Daisy brings a fresh slant to her indie-pop reputation.

Quirky and offbeat, yes. But also, an incredible treat for the ears.