We review the latest single from Minerva Daisy – Wildfire

Just in time for the heatwave – Manchester’s Minerva Daisy brings us a fiery blast of summer with her latest release ‘Wildfire’. The queer indie-pop artist follows up previous tracks ‘Substitute’, ‘Euphoria’ and February’s sinister single ‘Something Strange’ with a much more upbeat and uplifting approach this time around.

Running at just under two-and-a-half-minutes, ‘Wildfire’ is a buoyant burst of energy. Straight from the off, it’s packed with playfully bold keys which are echoed by guitars, snappy drums and an undeniably danceable beat.

Talking about the new track, Minerva explains that it’s “about prioritizing pleasure for yourself”. And with lyrics exploring sex-positivity, the feel-good, uplifting quality in this track is clear. Giving into passion, lust, and pleasure, as well as being open and communicative with your partner is part of all the fun after all and will make your experience all the better for it. The artist adds “People should be promoting healthy conversations about sex & educating each other more”.

But despite these important lyrical themes, it’s not in your face or particularly explicit. So, feel free to sing it out loud (even in front of your parents). “With the heat of your breath and the summer breeze / Take this confusion from my head and set me free”

Minerva’s vocals in this manage to be both playful and powerful as she effortlessly switches from soft and honeyed to a bigger belting sound. Paired with angelic-sounding backing vox, the artist’s vocal delivery in this track is nothing short of more-ish. Which begs the question… could this song be a bit longer? It does feel like it’s over a little too soon. But then, I guess that’s what the repeat button’s for.

Wildfire’ is a short, but incredibly sweet and sticky summery bop.