Latest single “Best Friend” from Glaswegian rock band Nasty Nesto and the Sadbois is a track that tackles an intimate and emotional topic of friendship and the loss of it through a clamorous and boisterous lens.  

Beginning on a particularly chaotic note with the lead singer’s strident vocals that transition between wailing and roaring tones immediately taking centre stage. This combined with a dark, down-beaten drum beat and harsh electric guitars creates an inharmonious and rowdy atmosphere.

As the song progresses, it becomes more melodic with moments of more intimate instrumentals. However, this is always pierced by a return to its rambunctious nature which Nasty Nesto and the Sadbois seem to do best.  

Lyrically, the track tells openly and emotionally the story of losing a close friend, and its raw vocalist approach, although rough, almost adds to the intimacy of the track’s content as the lead singer sounds as if he’s uninhibitedly pouring his heart out.

My main criticism, however, of “Best Friend” is that it lasts a bit longer than needs to be making it feel slightly uneventful at some points in the track.

Due to the amount of busting energy the song harbors, if its run time had been a bit shorter this would have further emphasised the tracks impression on the listener. Whilst still packing in the wild and obstreperous nature that makes “Best Friend” special, I believe the track would have sounded further unrestrained and memorable. But nevertheless, “Best Friend” is a well-developed single that makes me look forward to hearing what comes next from Nasty Nesto and the Sadbois.