Manchester alt-pop band New Divide’s latest single “Delora” is an enchanting track which hypnotises its listener which a tale of dangerous devotion.

Quickly on the rise in the Manchester music scene, New Divide have already started creating a solid fanbase for themselves through terrific and consistent live performances and their determined attitude. Taking inspiration from bands of the coming-of-age indie genre such as Wolf Alice and The 1975 and adding their own entrancing dark-pop style, New Divide have effectively garnered their own distinctive sound.

With the dreamy female vocals that power the track wrapped up in bewitching melodies “Delora” is a song that has an enthralling aesthetic. The lyrics tell a story of unrequited love, as the instrumentals of the song are spellbinding as the femme fatal type figure named Delora who its words describe. Reverb soaked guitar passages merge seamlessly with the lead singers ethereal vocals creating an atmosphere of pure rapture as the lyrics speak of desperation and longing. The combination of the two constructs an atmosphere that is almost poetic.

As well as the alluring sound of “Delora”, New Divide also have a punk-rock touch with exhilarating, electric guitar and a strong female lead. There’s an unflinching confidence to both the vocals and instrumentals which immediately gives the band a huge presence on and off the stage. For any lovers of the indie/rock pop genre “Delora” is a track sure to strike a chord.