We review the latest single from New Revolution – Set Me Free

Up-and-coming alt-rockers New Revolution reveal their sophomore release – the slow-burning single ‘Set Me Free’.

The four-piece hailing from the outskirts of Manchester follow up their January debut ‘Stay At Home Pessimist’ with a much slower-paced nevertheless moody effort.

Running at near on five minutes in length, ‘Set Me Free’ also sees New Revolution continue their knack of a longer runtime. Gone is the feisty attitude and foul-mouthed politically-charged lyricism of their first single instead traded for a more poetic and introspective approach this time around.

“My lungs won’t breathe / And my heart it won’t beat / I’m fighting day after day”

But rather than a lack of attitude, it’s more a change of one. More brooding, less lashing out. Moving at a creeping pace, there’s a haunting element to this track with the echoey opening of ambient guitar riffs, a gloomy bassline and percussion that is initially sparing. Kicking in around the 35 second mark – lead vocals from Aiden James are light yet strained with emotion.

Verses are delivered with a tentative softness with the addition of backing vocals in the chorus bringing out some gorgeous and ghostly melancholic harmonies. Strangely, there’s a catchiness to these painful pleas of escape. A refrain you’ll find yourself humming long after listening.

The chorus also builds to thundering drums and a heavier bassline entering the mix. A softer break around the 2.45 mark of a lone guitar is followed by mirroring vocals before we’re hit with a soaring guitar solo to sing us into the final rendition of the chorus.

There’s a certain grunge flavour to the band’s sound, akin to the Seattle scene of the early 90s with bands like Alice In Chains, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam coming to mind.
With ‘Set Me Free’ it’s interesting to see another side of New Revolution. Clearly a group capable of tackling both the aggressive and the delicate in equal measures.