We review the latest single from Ophelia – Man On Mountain

From country-twanging guitars to whimsical lyrics, Ophelia provides nostalgic alt-rock vibes on their latest track, Man On Mountain.

Ophelia, otherwise known as Leeds-based solo artist Tim Malkin encompasses many elements of alt-rock music from anthemic chorus and transitional bridges that send shivers through the body.

The sound is crisp and soothing and whilst the lyrics strive to figure things out, you can’t help but notice the sheer optimism Ophelia provides musically.

The guitars merge from delightful picked notes to low tone driving notes, whilst the bass and drums bounce around in the background.

The vocals rise up and down and echo out into a musical abyss. Ophelia’s voice is confident and carries the song in many different directions.

Whilst there’s variety, there’s also a sense of familiarity in the track like somewhere you’ve visited before, somewhere that may have changed now, but holds a fond memory.

Ophelia has really knocked out three minutes of wonderous music.