Manchester based four-piece alternative indie band pyncher’s latest single “Frogs and Tomatoes” is a moody and ominous track in which playful lyrics emerge from its jazzy gloom.  

Beginning by taking the listener down a winding musical pathway of eerie guitar chords and a tense drum beat there’s an immediate foreboding energy to “Frogs and Tomatoes” that contrasts to its nonsensical and almost child-like sounding title.

The guitar instrumental on this track is deliciously sultry and there’s a sense of nervous anticipation as the songs structure unfolds. Building up to a harsh and suspenseful instrumental with no lyrics other than the occasional scream or wail puncturing the melody pyncher don’t release the listener from this tension at any point in the track, keeping them hanging on until the end.  

Lyrically, you can hear the influence from artists such as Lou Reed or King Krule in the lead vocalist’s expressionist vocal technique of recitative singing that sounds more like the vocalist is talking to themselves than singing along with the instrumental. This creates an almost other-worldly affect adding to the engaging unease of the track.

The lyrics to “Frogs and Tomatoes” are as confused as the songs title, jumping from one subject to another and going into little detail, sounding at times chaotic. Together with the instrumental melodies, this only emphasises the songs disconcerting nature making “Frogs and Tomatoes” an unforgettably immersive listening experience.