We review the latest single from Ruiz! – Love Is Blind

Sheffield-based artist Ruiz! ponders whether relationships really do have an expiration date in his latest release – the retro-electro-drenched ‘Love Is Blind’.

The Catalunya-born multi-instrumentalist follows up December single ‘The Human Touch’ with this fresh track for 2023 – retaining a certain matter-of-fact and observational approach to his lyricism, yet taking a much more danceable synth-pop route this time around.

Coming in at a little over 3 and a half minutes in length, ‘Love Is Blind’ blends rhythmic drum beats, swelling synths and melancholic keys – with just a sprinkle of a racing indie guitar riff.
Over the top of this punchy soundscape Ruiz! layers his vocals – which although delivered in a computerised, almost droning way actually help ground the lyrics amongst such a busy instrumental.

Hypnotic words hit you like a stream of consciousness as Ruiz! wonders out loud whether a broken relationship is salvageable or if it’s time to move on…“They say love is blind / But not in my mind / Why do we do this? / What can’t we be strong? / Make our world a little easier than this.”

There’s a buzzy mix of emotions here – from denial and dogged determination to acceptance and perhaps even hope. And with that, an upbeat catchiness to the track – especially in the chorus – which makes it especially earworm-worthy even after it’s echoey closing bar fades.

Armed with a laptop and a few extra live instruments – this offering from Ruiz! takes a thought-provoking theme and sets it against stirring electronic beats. There’s definitely a New Order flavour to this one. So maybe you’re still holding onto that doomed love of yours right now, but at least you can dance through the heartache.