We review the latest single from San Pedro Collective – Nightcruising

Manchester’s San Pedro Collective tell us tales of midnight missions and dark shenanigans in their latest single ‘Nightcruising’.

The genre-bending ensemble, originally spawned from Rikki Turner’s project ‘San Pedro’, has gone on to grow and change (both in line-up and sound) blending elements of everything from electronica, rock’n’roll, funk, and punk.

Now embarking on a new era, as Turner concentrates on his next project – current members, including legendary drummer Simon ‘Funky Si’ Wolstencroft, continue to explore and experiment with new sounds and possibilities, especially in their live performances.

On the back of last year’s laidback summery tune ‘Time’ and the ‘Phase Two EP’ that followed, this most recent release features guitarist Justin Leonard taking on lead vocals this time spinning stories of nighttime mischief against an eerie acid jazz-tinged melody.

Opening with the hustle and bustle of the city at night, sinister keys soon kick in, setting an unsettling almost spooky tone for this track. After a short spoken word exchange, Leonard along with their new permanent frontwoman Nathalie Haley launch into a mysterious (and incredibly catchy) vocal. But perhaps ‘haunting’ would be a more accurate description – as an echoing trumpet solo takes center-stage around the halfway mark.

It all feels very backstreet jazz club-esque, but with a flavour of The Specials in their ‘Ghost Town’ era too. A song you can imagine blasting from your car as you explore the dark city streets. Lyrics tumble like a blurry drunken haze, soon to be forgotten the morning after. Or until next weekend at least. “I’ve been nightcruising

Nightcrusing’ is one cool and creeping tune, painting Manchester as our very own ‘sin city’ and exhibiting perfectly the vast and varied experience of this forever-evolving collective.