Effortless, easy listening and seemless would probably be my first 3 words to describe the latest single from Sani Knight with ‘Day Dream’

There are a host of parts within this song to pick apart and analyse as with most music of this nature. One thing that could probably change about this track is the snare/clap part of the drums. Although the production is second to none, the snare just pops out a little too much above everything else and feels like it could just sit a little lower in the track at times. 

Aside from this, the guitar and vocal production is definitely a highlight of this song. The frequencies are just all absolutely perfectly mixed. A track that isn’t hugely catchy, however, has really infectious rhythms which really make you want to dance and bop your head. 

The vocal performance of this track is invitingly familiar, just the tone of Knights voice immediately makes ‘Day Dream’ so appealing to listen to. It’s a vocal performance which is really reminiscent of a lot of great pop music from recent years, the track almost feels like it was made for late night club Dancefloors!

American-based Sani Knight really has pulled a beauty out of the bag with this track, with a nice mix of pop music-esc sensibilities and sounds this track is a really easy listen and a delight to have heard.