Stockport quartet The Maddocks return this month with a brooding new track – ‘If Anyone Can’.

After their January debut – the rousing ‘This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’ (followed by an acoustic take just last month) – the band take on a much more mysterious sound with this latest offering.
The first tune they actually wrote together as The Maddocks, ‘If Anyone Can’ sets the tone almost immediately by the menacing guitars which kick in from the off. Gone is the upbeat dancability of ‘This Is Why…’ replaced with a darker more enigmatic approach.

Lyrically it tells the story of a confusing relationship and the frustrations which come along with not knowing the true intentions of that other person.

The band explain, “Ultimately, the song is about how often the best thing to do in those situations is to sack it off and let go, because nobody wants to be stuck in a cycle like that.”
One thing that really stands out are the vocals from George Edwards – like in their previous track, lyrics are delivered with vigour. Spat with an almost palpable distain and intensity – you can really feel that exasperation in his delivery.

“I was upset / I could never believe / That you never really wanted what I wanted it to be”

It’s a situation(ship) many of us will have found ourselves in and another example of The Maddocks storytelling prowess.

Slower paced, yet still incredibly crafted, ‘If Anyone Can’ showcases the band’s diversity of sound even in these early days.

And if you’re wondering about the song title itself – it’s actually completely unrelated. “It’s from the slogan of a defunct computer shop in Fallowfield. We just thought it was funny.” A somewhat serious song from a band who don’t take themselves too seriously. An act to keep your eyes (and ears) on for sure.