We review the latest single from The Underclass – Bad Dreams

Stoke-based five-piece The Underclass bring us a brooding autumnal release with brand new tune ‘Bad Dreams’.

After the nostalgia-drenched track ‘Hometown’ in the summer and last year’s well-received ‘The One’, the band retain that certain sense of optimism, but this time with a cynical twist.

After an opening jarring few seconds, we’re hit in the eardrums with a thunder of percussion and guitars. A punchy pace that carries throughout the three-minute runtime making for a rousing and catchy listen. Lead vocals cut through it all with an almost abrasive quality that’ll send a shiver down your neck.

And on that note, there really is a darker edge to this track than previous offerings from the band, a brooding undertone which catches you off guard yet remains contrastingly upbeat.
“Maybe someday I’ll never wake up again to a bad dream”

Lyrically, ’Bad Dreamsdetails the hope for better days in a world, which more often than not, can feel like a nightmare – and it’s pretty damn relatable. Dreaming of the future and keeping your ambition burning can feel like a battle for a lot of us. That heady mix of cynicism and realism, with just a dash of optimism is a formula fit for navigating this modern world.

Add to that some seriously swaggering indie vocal delivery – which could bring to mind fellow artists such as Oasis, The Enemy, and The Twang to name a few – and you’ve got a solid alt-indie rock number that feels more like a dream. A really good one.