We review the latest single from The Vandalis – It Won’t Be Long

Manchester collective The Vandalis say they “serve to vandalise different genres” creating “a unique but blended guttural sound” – and their release ‘It Won’t Be Long’ is a prime example of this promised musical experimentation.

Running at just over three minutes, the track is a frenetic mix of 60s/70s psychedelic rock sounds, jazz fusion, punk attitudes with an undeniably commanding vocal delivery.

Opening with a distinctive acoustic guitar lick – it’s not long before the chilling sound of a Hammond organ kicks in and an intricate electric guitar riff flies into the mix. The sinister organ vibe and guitar sequence seem to mirror each other as the racing pace of this track picks up.

Enter vocalist Matt Loreti. From the initial lyrical assault to the gurgling death-rattle after that first chorus – he’s got you by the scruff of the neck on this one. Words come rapid-fire as he sings of waiting for the inevitable.

“I never wanted you to steal my halo / I never wanted you to take my crown”

This track feels like flying through the desert in some QOTSA music video – other elements of desert rock come in with the hazy trance-like sequence around the 2 minute mark. Slowing it right down – we’re surrounded by dreamy yet twisted Santana-esque guitars.. before getting back on the racing pace once more. For fans of Blinders, Strokes, The Doors, and anyone interested in “a tantric mix of blues, punk, jazz and lofi”.

One perhaps downside, despite the average three-minute runtime, this track almost doesn’t feel long enough. Like it’s over before you realise and you’ll wanna hear it again. “It Won’t Be Long” will be one you’ll have on repeat.. and loud.