Whenever a track comes prefaced with the title of being a metal track, I usually have a certain expectation of the piece of music. ‘Regret’, the latest single by London band This New Dawn, is one that for many reasons dissipated those expectations immediately. 

For a start, this track is produced to an extremely high level with every instrument sitting right where it should be. One of the standouts of this track, however, is that powerful vocal performance from frontwoman Issy Eversley. Often in heavier genres of music, a female vocal can fall slightly short, Issy’s voice is definitely not guilty of this though! Really ripping through the rest of the track with such power and conviction. 

One thing I would say about this track is that the genre of metal is definitely not where this track belongs. Feels more like heavy rock or alt-rock to me, the drumming in this is phenomenal and wouldn’t be out of place in a metal track.

That being said, for a heavy rock track this really does have everything lovers of any rock genre would enjoy. 

Lyrically, this song is adorned with pure pain and that is so clearly conveyed in the performance of the song.

Every single word that is sung is believable and every single note that is played instrumentally throughout the track just makes the track a delight to listen to. This New Dawn has already had success with a sold-out headline show in late 2021 and I’d tip them to keep growing and achieving even more within the heavy rock genre. It a quite an incredible sound and the sonic understanding that this band has over their instruments is something to savour.