Showcasing punchy riffs and emotionally charged lyricism, Tom Collins perfectly captures political frustration in defiant anthem ‘Leaders’.  

From the COVID-19 pandemic to the cost-of-living crisis, the government’s handling of major political issues has understandably left many with pent up anger towards those in power. Flintshire singer-songwriter Tom Collins explores the devastating repercussions of recent political decisions in his latest track.

Driven by electric guitars and thudding drumbeats, ‘Leaders’ offers a cathartic release to widely felt dissatisfaction regarding the current political climate. From the offset, the track emits a fierce and infectious energy, with indie rock production reminiscent of Sam Fender and Catfish and the Bottlemen.

With a catchy hook-laden chorus, the track quickly establishes itself as an earworm. Alongside percussive and guitar-laden production, Collins’ gritty vocals take centre stage and give the track an intensely raw and emotional feel, which cleverly compliments its brutally honest lyrics.

Although much of Collins’ prior work has touched on political topics, the new track’s scathing lyricism offers an unapologetically candid criticism of the government. Touching on the ever-growing issues of poverty, social divide, and elitism, the track’s lyrics are as hard-hitting as its production.

While ‘Leaders’ is certainly bolder than Collins’ previous tracks, this seems to have paid off. Exploring a topic as controversial and divisive and politics was always going to be difficult, however through offering an unfiltered account of his own personal feelings, Collins has indirectly given a voice to anyone feeling unheard of betrayed by those in power.

Overall, ‘Leaders’ is truly a testament to Collins’ growth as an artist, offering a mature and thoughtful take on the current political climate. Above all, it’s a cathartic power anthem with moving lyrics that many of us can relate to.