Sheffield based indie-rock band VIVAS latest and second single “It’s Alright” is a track that very much fits the classic indie rock mould and simply radiates encouraging positivity. However, whilst harbouring bags of energy and enthusiasm the creativity of this single is lacking.  

With strong vocals and explosive guitars “It’s Alright” tells the timeless story of the first meeting with someone who catches your eye and the feelings of nervousness and tension combined with the excitement of new possibilities.

Set at an exhilarating pace with a fairly short run time “It’s Alright” is a track that doesn’t waste any time. It’s easy to see why VIVAS have had success in the live music scene so far with lively spirit that comes across in their music this way. With their vivacity and classic indie-rock sound, the VIVAS should have no problems winning over a live audience who are there to hear their genre.  

Nevertheless, where the track falls down for me is in its failure to think outside the box and its repetitive nature. Unlike their last single “Sweet Talker” which was filled with much more unpredictable twists and turns and interesting melodies, throughout its runtime “It’s Alright” remains pretty predictable instrumentally. With repetitive lyricism of the simple and meaningless phrase “it’s alright” and the bridge taking up most of the track with little to no change in the tone or melody of the song, it isn’t much of a memorable number.

Whilst I can easily see it having live success being performed to an indie-rock fan audience, I fail to see how this approach will make VIVAS stand out from the countless number of bands in their genre looking for success. If VIVAS can put some of their boundless energy into making something more innovative, they’re guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.