We review the latest track from MSTRD – Tired

London four-piece MSTRD (pronounced “mustard”) are back – with relish – serving up their latest single ‘Tired’ as part of a second extended play ‘Where Are You Actually From? – Side B’. And it’s been quite a while coming. The first installment came back in 2020, but we all know what the last couple of years has been like ey?

Comprising of an Indian, a Pakistani, an Irishman, and a Greek (and no, this isn’t the opening to some bad joke), MSTRD sees a bunch of uni mates come together from all different walks of life, cultures and music tastes.

The brand-new EP (also out now) features six fresh tracks from the band, with ‘Tired’ leading the way. At spot on three-and-a-half minutes in length, it’s an incredibly catchy ode to frustration over “not being able to openly express yourself without fearing judgement”.

From the opening upbeat guitar strums, the twinkling refrains of the lead electric and the thundering rhythm section – we’re hurtled into a spiralling sense of dissatisfaction.
Exasperated lyricism unfolds in a stream of consciousness and with an almost hypnotic vocal delivery. Infectious, memorable, repetitive – it’s all these things. There’s a weary aspect, but perhaps that’s the point as the chorus of this melancholically upbeat tracks rolls around once more.
“I’m tired of feeling like I’m bound”

Tired’ blends sounds of 90s/00s alt rock and indie from both sides of the Atlantic with shimmers of pop punk too. Bands like Cajun Dance Party, The Cribs, We Are Scientists, The Strokes and Feeder come to mind. There are definite flavours of Blink 182’s dizzying hit ‘Always’, combined with the frenetic guitars of Good Shoes  

But does ‘Tired’ cut the mustard? I’d say so. There’s definitely something moreish about MSTRD..