We review the latest track from Shadows of a Silhouette – Better the Devil You Know

Derbyshire four-piece, Shadows of a Silhouette, bring a wicked spark of moody rock n roll with their latest single ‘Better the Devil You Know’.

With a slew of singles since 2019, including EP ‘Rosy Retrospection’ earlier this year – the lads slow the pace right down in this over four-minute track. And no, it’s not a Kylie cover.

From the opening melodic strum of an acoustic – there’s an almost creeping element to this tune. Nathan Brown’s lead vocals promptly kick in with an angsty indie-rock flair with the line “Don’t go cold on me now”. What follows is the tormented and image-heavy lyricism of a man desperate to keep hold of a lover.“Don’t put your faith in another man. Don’t be mistaken girl, I wasn’t that bad”

Whether this is a healthy relationship or not is up for debate. But the phrase the band have chosen for the song title refers to the idea that it is better to deal with a difficult person or situation one knows than with a new person or situation that could be far worse. “It’s better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t”

Ghostly backing vocals echo each refrain contrasted with the deep rumbling bassline and light percussion. A lead guitar spirals before building to an impressive crescendo, around the 2-minute mark, which features heavier drums and a much more biting vocal delivery.

It’s reminiscent in sound and imagery of bands like Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, Kings of Leon and even a bit of The White Stripes. Packed-full of poetic symbolism – ‘Better the Devil You Know’ may be a slow builder, but it’s a killer tune you’re bound to be humming to yourself long after that first play.