We review the latest Walking Through Walls EP – Nights

From the Essex city of Chelmsford comes a 9-track EP from the duo of Louis O’Brien and Cameron Thomas, known musically as Walking Through Walls. ‘Nights’ is an EP full to the brim with soft, catchy melodies, fast-paced beats, and peaceful synth.

‘Streetlamps (The Overhead Lighting)’ is the 2 minute opener that gets things started. It’s chilled out feel sets the tone well for what to expect with the rest of the tracks. 

What follows are two tracks that make the duo’s inspirations clear. Both ‘Inbetween Two Bodies’ and ‘Being Around You’ give off strong vibes of the likes of The 1975 and D’Angelo, which the duo have said are strong influences to their music.

In order to break up the run of songs, a couple of instrumentals and interludes are thrown into the mix. These breaks serve O’Brien and Thomas well, because without them I think the whole thing would feel a bit samey.

At this point, however, is it really still an EP if you’re putting in interludes? Six or seven tracks is already a lot for an EP, I’m not sure you can get away with bumping it up to nine. It feels more like an album project to me.

Two tracks that stand out from the crowd are the singles ‘Being A Boy’ and ‘If You Were To Go’. They perfectly capture the theme of growing up in a suburban area, combining that experience with sing-a-long vocals that justifies the support these tracks have received from BBC Introducing in Essex.

‘Talking About Everything And Nothing’ and the final track ‘I Couldn’t Love Her More’ have a blissful, ambient quality that round out the easy-going nature of this set of tracks.

Given that O’Brien and Thomas are only 18 years old, their inexperience does not show. ‘Nights’ is an impressive feat they should be proud of. They have demonstrated their musical talent, and have youth on their side to carry on working at it. It will be exciting to see what the duo do next.