We Review The Lavetts new EP – Do It Yourself

The term ‘indie rock’ has become a bit of a blanket statement these days, encompassing so much, that you don’t really know what to expect when someone labels their music as ‘indie rock’.

Fortunately for us, Whitehaven-based band The Lavetts have given us an extra word by describing themselves as ‘glamorous indie rock’. When you listen to their brand new debut EP ‘Do It Yourself’ you’ll realise there’s not really any other way you can label it.

The EP really does stretch across all the basics of indie rock and roll. From jangly guitars to melodic basslines, and even a smattering of catchy choruses.

That doesn’t mean to say The Lavetts haven’t added some variation across the five tracks. 

In the opener ‘Inside In’ we’re given messy and conflicting tones that provide a real DIY feel, but things lead into the heavier, building songs ‘’Dotage’ and ‘Psycho’. In contrast, the end of the EP is presented in the form of two much more chorus-intense, nostalgia-filled songs, ‘Silent Disco’ and ‘Can’t You See’, which are two tracks that really take the sting out of their sound.

Yes, it undoubtedly has to be said that the EP does have a somewhat rough and ready quality. It definitely wouldn’t harm the band to have a slightly tighter, neater production.

However, that hasn’t stopped them thus far from getting radio features and a decent amount of attention, which they hope to gain more of with the release of ‘Do It Yourself’

You can only wish them all the best with the release, and keep a close eye out for what they bring to the table next.