High energy, Kent based trio, The Len Price 3 present their 7th studio album ‘Ip Dip Do’ an addictively fun record, plunging into the deep end of power pop and punk.

‘Ip Dip Do’ is packed with short, sharp, punchy songs which tastefully channel elements of 70’s punk as they sight influence from bands like The Clash and The Ramones. What stands this record apart from many punk releases and is something which I love about the band and the record itself, is this no-nonsense approach to recording which massively accentuates the lively energy which runs throughout.

The opener for example ‘Chav Squad’ which is backed by a blistering guitar and featuring some of the best drum work on the album, see’s lead vocalist Glenn Page present a hilarious observation of Chav lifestyle with many tongue-in-cheek lines. One of many very simple yet effective tracks and an example of Page’s humorous writing, something which runs throughout the project.

The rawness of the records production plays in the bands hands brilliantly and avoids becoming over-polished and from taking away a huge part of the punk chaos which many bands in this lane have done and have removed huge chunks of character in doing so. That being said, this is by no means a poorly mixed album, with huge, distorted guitars sounding crisp and bass and drums, punchy and clear.

The Len Price 3 show huge amounts of versatility throughout the record with a notable mention being track eight ‘Spoil The Gloom’ which sees the band take a slower, emotionally driven approach. Again, an example of the bands simple instrumentation sounding immensely powerful and dynamic, thanks to stella song writing and instrumental structure.

‘Ip Dip Do’ is as playful as the title suggests with clever lyricism, and energetic instrumentation coming together to feel complete and an album which is paced well with a great variety of style and lyrical themes, a real joy to listen to.