Bromsen, the dynamic Teutonic duo of Richard and Karlo Bromsen, are back on the scene with “Brothers in Mind,” an album that’s like a sonic sausage fest of synth waves, guitars, and more Germanic vibes than a Berlin beer garden during Oktoberfest. The brothers, who’ve been thicker than Berlin’s fog for over two decades, are here to remind us that the spirit of indie rock never truly fades, even if it takes a couple of beers and a schnitzel to rediscover. Let’s dig in and see whats what.

“One by One” The opener hits you like a bratwurst to the eardrums. It’s a bold statement that sets the stage for the album’s synth-infused journey. One by one, the layers unfold, much like trying to peel an onion with a synthesizer.

“Merryman” “Merryman” feels like a trip down the autobahn on a speedboat. The energy is high, the guitars are twanging, and you can almost hear the echoes of laughter from a bustling Berlin beer hall. Prost, indeed!

“We!” is like the Bromsen brothers inviting you to their sonic playground. It’s a bit quirky, a bit cheeky, and possibly the kind of track that makes you want to dance like no one’s watching, even if you’re in the middle of Alexanderplatz.

“Always On The Right Side” A catchy tune that, much like Germany’s efficient public transport, keeps things moving smoothly. It’s a testament to Bromsen’s ability to fuse synth wave elements with a guitar-driven backbone.

“Someone” “Someone” feels like the Bromsen brothers took a detour to a Berlin nightclub in the ’80s. It’s moody, it’s mysterious, and it makes you wonder if David Hasselhoff might make a surprise cameo.

“No One” If the Bromsen brothers had a manifesto, “No One” would be on it. It’s a rebellious anthem that screams, “We do it our way!” The guitars are roaring, and the synth is doing the cha-cha in the background.


“Read About It” A nod to the days when people read about music in print rather than streaming it. “Read About It” is like a love letter to the pre-digital era, complete with guitar riffs that could make even the hippest vinyl collector nod in approval.

“Catch” “Catch” is the track you’d play while driving a convertible down the Autobahn. It’s exhilarating, wind-in-your-hair kind of music that makes you feel like you’re in a German car commercial.

“Sweet Lies” The Bromsen brothers slow it down with “Sweet Lies.” It’s a synth ballad that’s as sweet as a Berlin pastry, but with a hint of melancholy that leaves you questioning whether you should have that second helping.

“The Photograph” “The Photograph” is like a musical snapshot of the Bromsen brothers’ journey. It’s reflective, it’s nostalgic, and it’s the kind of track you’d play while looking through old photo albums.

“More Time” The closing track leaves you wanting more time with “Brothers in Mind.” It’s a well-rounded finale that encapsulates the Bromsen experience – a sonic rollercoaster through Berlin’s eclectic music scene.

“Brothers in Mind” is a triumphant return for Bromsen, showcasing their ability to blend synth wave elements with the raw energy of guitars. While occasionally wacky, the album is a testament to the Bromsen brothers’ enduring friendship and their unyielding passion for music. Prost to Bromsen – may their indie rock journey continue to unfold like a Berliner pastry in the oven!