Red Rum Club are a six-piece band from Liverpool. Bringing together sounds of indie pop and infusing it with new instrumentation, the band is creating a whole new genre. Growing quickly in popularity, the band’s third full-length album shows a strong writing capacity from these guys.

Employing the signature trumpet, the tracks stand out from other indie pop bands. Also bringing the nostalgia of bands like Madness. Vocally, This album showcases some great swagger and bravado. Bringing forward the trumpet to match the vocals in moments of emphasis. A mix of slow ballads like “Eighteen” and “Beautiful Mind” to bring in the emotional factor.

However, where the album really shines is the upbeat, dancey tunes. For example, one of my favourites, “Vibrate”, is reminiscent of a Blossoms track. With the vocals followed by synth sounds and guitar, and the smooth bass and drums. Another example of the great vibes from this album would be in the title track “How To Steal The World“. Kicking off with the acoustic guitar immediately emits a warm, familiar feeling.

Instrumentally, these songs are mostly fantastically put together. However, there is an issue that arises when a lot of the songs sound very similar. There isn’t a lot that differentiates one track from the next. With Alex Turner-esque vocal performances and Blossoms-like backing tracks, this isn’t a huge problem, but a problem nonetheless. A lot of the songs structures tend to stay the same, and the techniques they use rarely change. Including some variation in vocal effects or instrumentation would absolutely help break up the tracks and give them all an individuality.

Lacking that individuality from track to track, means a lot of listening energy drops off after the first half of the album. Due to it feeling like you are just listening to the same songs again, it really takes away the energy built up by the band. Although the fantastic guitar, trumpet and drums come through to bring a lot to the tracks, it is just a lot of the same. They are riding a fine line between having a great formula for creating unbelievably great songs, and overusing the formula.

Another issue I have is with the vocal melodies. A lot of them sound very simplistic a lot of the time, and I know that Fran Doran, the lead singer, is capable of much more. Although I love the track “Vibrate”, the verses are painfully bland with vocal lines. With the bar set so high with other tracks like “Love Me Like You Wanna Be Loved”, it is a disappointment to see these downfalls.

As much as it might sound like I am against this album, I think it is a great testament to indie-pop and shows a tonne of promise from this band. Although they aren’t new to the game, with three full albums now, they are showing an understanding of what they are and what they want. With great tunes on the album, and a clear motivation to keep writing, Red Rum Club are on their way to greatness.

Overall, this album is a great listen. As many negatives as I can pry out and nit pick out of the tracks, I must say, this album is on its way to be a classic. Bringing out the confidence of an Alex Turner style vocal, the fantastic culmination of a great band behind, creating songs to rival Circa Waves. I’d absolutely recommend this album to anyone who is a fan of summer indie or is craving a new type of music to sink their teeth into.

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