SAINTES are a fresh rock band out of Sheffield. Influenced by bands like Kings of Leon and Rolling Stones, they bring back the old rock and roll that Sheffield is known to create.

The first song in the list is “Save the Doubt”, containing a lovely, fuzzy riff and very classic rock and roll mannerisms. Unfortunately this song tends to stick on one setting for too long, getting a bit repetitive and samey towards the end of listening. Thankfully, this is resolved very quickly in the next song, containing many different sections and feelings throughout.

Something this band does fantastically is their use of strong riffs and melodies in combination with powerful, simple drums. In some places giving vibes of bands like Royal Blood, with such catchy riffs. And just as you are used to this norm, the third track in the album comes in, slow and simple throughout the intro and chorus. I think this may be one of the best songs off this album, showing the vocal skill from the singer, and gives a head-banging chorus.

A lot of the songwriting this band leans on is very bluesy rock, I think this works to their benefit for most the songs they have. However, speeding up a few of these songs and making it more modern would really switch up the feel of the tracks and make the feeling of repetition that is given off a lot during this album. This kind of style is shown in tracks like “Fever”, maintaining the style they have, but making it hit harder and faster.

On the whole, this album is a fantastic taste of what these guys have coming. It’s absolutely worth a listen, especially if you’re into any style of rock.

A lot of new bands these days tend to go way more into the indie side of rock, but these guys have tried to experiment and take a multidirectional stance on it. Branches reaching out to the very edges of what can be considered rock and roll, and making it fuse together.