Slicko DiCaprio is a new artist from London. Bursting into the new wave of hiphop/soundcloud type rap, he placed this album in the public, stylised in ways reminiscent of a lot of new rap albums.

This album is produced so well from start to finish. With strong beats and nice instrumentation, the instrumentals of these tracks, on their own, stand up fantastically. In tracks like “.CHRYSALIS”, this is especially evident, favouring the synth sounds to actual percussion. Bringing a lot of energy to these tracks is the vocal performance, giving the tracks a place to hide.

One of the best tracks by a huge stride is “.WON’T REST CAN’T REST”, putting aside the overly auto-tuned vocals in favour of fantastic rhythm and flow. From 1:30, the song really shows off the skill of this artist in the right setting and shows a busload of potential. Another track following the same level of talent is “.ASTRAL BODY”. With a Drake type beat and some great vocal quality in the start, it really comes together well.

Track 9 “.MOB FANATIC” has a great feature in blkglam. Their verse is a bit lacking lyrically but with a strong flow and great contrast against the high pitch parts from Slicko, it works really well. Showcasing the talent that is emerging in the new wave of chill rap.

I’m also pleasantly surprised with the ending track. With it using a lot of laid-back ideas and a much more raw vocal delivery. At some points the flow seems to get lost a little, but the layered vocals and almost spoken raps give it such a great feeling. And ending the album off with a great instrumental fade out, especially with such an intricate track like this, is great.

Sadly, a weakness of this album is also an issue with the industry as a whole, relying on the auto tuned parts for every song is a real let down. Especially with the vocal talent on display in a lot of other songs here. Some of the ad libs hit a part of me that just wants to turn it off with the high pitch auto tune. For a lot of the tracks here it is stylistically fitting, but I think definitely overused.

Overall, this album shows off the best and worst of the new wave of hip hop. Bringing forth the mumble raps, the high pitched autotunes and the incredible raw vocals, for better or worse, it is a great reflection of today’s inspirations and styles. Although I do have personal issues with a lot of the elements of this genre, I would absolutely say at least pick a few sections of each track to listen to. Because throughout this whole album, Slicko shows off such a wide array of sounds, emotions, instrumental beats and lyricism. A lot of artists would stick with the style they know best and write around that but there is a fair amount of variation in this which you love to see.

I hope in future there is more of this wide selection, with a voice like that and a good flow, I’m sure he could go far. It’s just a matter of perfecting it, getting in front of the right people and writing until you have a good idea of where you stand.