The Skinner Brothers are a crazy fusion of a barrel of different genres. Hailing from London, the group gained a name since their very first single and gaining an invite from The Libertines.

Starting the album out with a full anthem in the track “Mountain High”, a fantastic drum tone, fun guitar effects, and an indulgence on full dropouts of instrumentation gives this song a fantastic dancey feeling towards it. This is a common theme throughout the album, with the nostalgia from mid-2000s alternative rock bands, and a new-fashioned style behind it, they’ve done well to come into their own.

Songs you’d hear on the soundtrack of FIFA, it is very fitting that one of the lyrics mentions “Like FIFA, straight in off the bar”. Strong riffs and fantastic drum fills contained within two or three minutes of earworm fury, The Skinner Brothers are a fresh taste of good rock music.

One of the best songs out of this album is “Culture Non-Stop” by far. The rhythm in this track just drags the dance out of you, taking the dirty guitar tones to the next level with fun chords and a lovely lead in the chorus.

A chant-worthy melody throughout gives you the taste of a sweaty, small venue stacked with a bouncing crowd.

Followed immediately with, yet another, festival-type anthem. A riff that will make you do the unmistakable frown of approval. “Give It All To Me” is definitely another that is up there as one of the best of the album. The issue is, there are very few songs that aren’t true bangers, so it’s hard to give an order to a through and through mind-blowing album.

On the whole, this album is a fantastic statement towards the nostalgia of the 00’s and the new wave of alt/indie rock. When no songs missing the mark entirely, and a true collection of solid tracks come together, you know you’re onto something. This band is on their way to the top, so hop on before it’s too late. I’m itching for when they next release new stuff, and will definitely be one to catch live.