Timothy is a composer/producer from Sydney, Australia. Putting together trippy, rave beats, he has released 2 full albums this year alone. With a unique sound and laid back feel, it is easy to see why the project is gaining popularity.

This album contains everything you’d need for a drug induced rave night. Trippy instrumentation, solid back beats, and fantastic composition work. Utilising a lot of effects, digital instruments and strange sound effects, this album experiments with moving the style and feel from track to track. A lot of the tracks sound like they could easily slot into a tv show which is just a testament to how well composed and produced they really are.

Firstly, starting off with a slow, hypnotic track, and the title track of the album “The Ethereal Event”. Contrasting a calm string section drowned in reverb, is the main riff from the bass/guitar which flows throughout the whole song. So with six and a half minutes of the trippy vibes, it gives ample time for the listener to hear the nuances and changes throughout.

Each of the tracks brings a new soul to the album, all following a key guideline and twisting off in a new direction. While some tracks like “Making Movies” and “Start Again” featuring vocals as a key element while others use them as melodic instruments. Although a lot of the influences seem to be in the Drum and Bass or Rave genres, you can feel a lot of Psychedelic Rock influences, especially in the guitar-lead tracks.

My personal favourites from this album would be “Only Enough” for its laid back approach with this style of music, and the great vocal performance. It also brings a mix of wild instrumentation and great drops to dance to. As well as “Start Again”, which brings forward the vocals again to bring you to a feeling of comfort. Also containing some great guitar (which, as a guitarist I have to mention). Whether it’s the guitar which accompanies the vocals, or the great funky solo later on, I love it all.

I’d absolutely recommend this album to anyone who is a fan of rave-type music or psychedelic beats. Even if you don’t like one of the songs, the next could be your new favourite. There are eight full songs to get through and they all offer fantastic quality, it’s just down to your specific tastes.

Overall, this album is a great example of what psychedelic rave beats can do to evolve. It is a really unique take on this genre, and is something that can only strengthen Timothy’s catalogue.