Who Parked The Car
Who Parked The Car


Silky, smooth and commanding from the get-go, Who Parked The Car’s second album ‘Broken Glass’ is a soul-funk release perfect for those late-night get together’s.

Stating that their first album was all about endless jams and feeling loose, this new offering is songwriting lead. Heavily featuring the stunning voice of Laura Wamba, the album is all about the lyrics, writing, and arrangement.

Amande” is led by the French language and as someone who can’t speak French, it’s even more compelling and made me listen harder. The arrangement is fuelled with jazz elements and an underlining, feel-good swagger.

Can’t Get Over You” is just under 5-minutes long and is contemporary pop-funk at its finest. “Sunburns” is heavily jazz-led and in places has a fusion feel to it. It doesn’t stick to one pathway, making me fluid and more desirable.

Lana” is definitely the album’s ‘ballad’ and comes at a time of need after a fast-paced album until this point. It feels like the album’s stepping stone into part two.

Trapped In Forever” and its introduction song are slow burners. You might need to listen to these a couple of times to really appreciate them.

The harmonies are out of this world though and unique to the release – you couldn’t picture them not there!

“Peppo” drifts through a fun upbeat persona whereas “Another Time, Another Day” feels prominently funk with a vocoder thrown in for extra spice.

Title track “Broken Glass” has a folk nature to it, rounding off the album by saying goodbye, but not for long.

The spotlight is firmly on Laura Wamba, and you can see why in the album.