We review the new album from A-Mar – Around El Mundo

Laid-back indie music has risen to tall heights of popularity in recent years, with many benefitting off of riding that wave, and it seems Texan artist A-Mar is doing the same with his new album ‘Around El Mundo’. However, he’s riding it with his own musical twists and turns that add a level of intrigue to it all.

‘Colors’ opens the album, and acts as an easy-going introduction that sets the scene for the album straight away. It’s simple but effective composition combined with A-Mar’s rambling storytelling vocals show exactly what music he’s here to make.

What follows in the rest of the album are the twists and turns I mentioned. Unexpected changes in sound are frequent, as A-Mar shows off his creativity.

‘Raining In New Orleans’ is the first sign of that creativity. With synth keys, jangly guitar, and ending with the sound of rain, it makes for an entertaining listen. You can’t become settled on this sound though, as everything takes a bluesy turn very quickly. 

‘Downtown Tokyo’ takes on a rock tone with a catchy little chorus to get you singing, whilst ‘Picture Frames’ returns back to the relaxed approach with a nostalgic feel as A-Mar tells a story of looking back through his life.

I think what impresses when listening to the album is the small details where you can tell A-Mar has put the effort in. The clean and jazzy ‘Hey Mama’ ends with voicemail that I can only presume is from his own mum. It’s the fine touches like these that elevate the emotion of the listen, and make the album feel like a whole.

Explorations of sound continue with the pulsating beat and steel guitar licks of ‘Eastside Woman’, which then unexpectedly move on to the more processed rap track ‘Third Wheel’. A-Mar is using every tool in his kit to provide an array of engaging tracks.

The range of sounds is varied enough that when you listen to ‘Jazz Chords For Jasmine’, which is a comparable listen to the jazz-infused ‘Hey Mama’, you almost feel disappointed that it’s not another turn of events. Nevertheless, you can’t be greedy.

Everything ends on the bilingual song of romance, ‘Señorita’. A-Mar has given us nine songs to enjoy, and shown us what he can do.

Give ‘Around El Mundo’ a listen now!