Bringing old-school reggae into the present decade with a visionary spin on it, the new record “DIGITAL SKANK” by a solo artist and multi-instrumentalist Paul Alexander Simon Hutchinson (PASH) is a diverse and colorful river of sound.

Beginning with an instantly infectious groove the opening track “FREE SPIRIT” is a reggae track with buckets of soul and smooth-flowing rhythms instantly sending the listener swimming in its stirring melodies. With randomised synth and horn pieces scattered strategically throughout the track the instrumentals in “DIGITAL SKANK” are never boring as they pleasantly surprise at every twist and turn, always easily merging. The skilled production throughout this album ensures that whatever instruments are used, including electric guitar on a few of the tracks, always blend seamlessly with its old-school reggae core providing a fresh and experimental take on the genre.

Having moved around the U.K from childhood living in some of the biggest and most culturally rich cities such as Liverpool and Manchester, the wealth of PASH’s experience is reflected in his multifaceted music. Combing various genres such as soul, funk, reggae, electronic and even rock to create the vibrant work which is “DIGITAL SKANK” and pulling it off to perfection is impressive. On the track “MY FATHER ELUSIVE” electric guitar and even towards the end of the track folk/country influenced acoustic twangs are added and somehow work flawlessly with the reggae roots of the song. As well as its divergent musical influence, the hustle and bustle of the big cities are enveloped in “DIGITAL SKANK” with buzzing, energetic choruses, and charmingly hectic mixes. When listening to the record, there is an undeniable feeling that this is music for the people which is where the genre of reggae itself was born.

The melodic tone to “DIGITAL SKANK” as well as its faultless sense of rhythm make every track on the album a joy to listen to. The soulful vocals on tracks such as “WRAP UP YOUR BLUES” and “FAITH” create an endless heartful and optimistic energy. This force of positivity permeates through every track on the album, encouraging lyrics calling for solidarity between people emphasise this, particularly on the track “SINGING FROM THE SAME SHEET”. As well as having a strong, joyful energy, there’s a playfulness to the music on “DIGITAL SKANK” which further adds to its charm. Humorous songs such as “BLIM BLAM MAN” have an almost childlike mischief to them which works perfectly with the perky instrumentals of the album.

The closing track “KEEP ON MOVIN’” wraps up the record with an electronic influenced power reggae ballad that sounds like a movie protagonist soundtrack. As the songs lyrics embolden the listener to stick at the journey wherever it may be, the dynamic musical journey that “DIGITAL SKANK” takes you on comes to its end, leaving us excited for wherever ANALOG P.A.S.H is going to take us next.