Conflict Choir, the Birmingham-based band, has just released their latest album, Strange Game. This album, recorded in a dark garage in Worcestershire and mixed and mastered by Thomas Atlas and Greg Chandler, dives into heavy themes such as the societal struggle with technology, mental health issues, and the pervasive distrust in our modern world. The album features 12 tracks, each offering a unique dive into the band’s dark and immersive sonic textures.

The title track Strange Game kicks off the album with a subtle intro, setting a brooding tone. The vocal delivery is powerful, it kicks in with a the synths and wanders around setting the scene for whats to come.

What Are You Doing It For The bassline is hypnotic, The chorus is catchy, though slightly repetitive. Then it kicks in, and boy does it kick in. Don’t Let Me Drown is hypnotic, Indie influenced and is a personal favourite.

I Feel Fine and Instrumental Take It As It Come embodies a more laid-back vibe, with a bluesy undertone. The instrumentation is tight, and the groove is undeniable.

Only One is short and sweet, The song builds up nicely, but the climax feels slightly underwhelming. A more dramatic shift in the dynamics could provide a stronger emotional payoff.

Psychowarfare is a build-up of sounds and riffs with what I think is a sample playing in the background, couldn’t really make out what was said but enjoyed it a lot!

Will We Wake Up slows things down with a more reflective tone. The acoustic elements add a refreshing contrast to the heavier tracks. The lyrics are thought-provoking, questioning our awareness of the world’s issues. The track’s simplicity is its strength.

Wake Up serves as a call to action, urging listeners to become more aware and engaged. The energetic tempo and driving rhythm create a sense of urgency. The Real Thing stands out with its catchy melody and relatable lyrics. The song has a more polished, radio-friendly sound. The production is crisp, and the arrangement is well-balanced. This track has the potential to be a crowd favorite.

Algorithm is slow, chilled and melodic, a palette cleanser before the big finale. Closing the album, Til The End, emotional delivery of the vocals is a highlight, and the instrumental build-up creates a satisfying climax. The track feels like a fitting conclusion, though an extended outro could provide a more epic finish.

Strange Game is a compelling album that showcases Conflict Choir’s ability to tackle a big project like a debut album The production quality is excellent, thanks to the skilled hands of Thomas Atlas and Greg Chandler. Each track offers something unique, though there’s room for growth in terms of lyrical depth and dynamic arrangements. Conflict Choir has crafted a solid album that will resonate with listeners who appreciate music with substance and emotion.