The latest album release “Dare To Dream” from Manchester four-piece rock band Gallaher’s Green is a love letter to Brit rock that thrashes through your speakers and tugs at your heart strings.

Beginning with a bang, “Where Do I Begin?” is a track fit for a film protagonist with heavy, jagged electric guitar and raucous energy. With lyrics centred around self-belief this is the kind of song you want blasting through your headphones whilst you walk down the street. Much of this record has the same confidence, even the more nostalgic tracks such as “Catch The Sun” have the same bold and boundless energy racing through them.

When listening to “Dare To Dream” it’s easy to see how Gallaher’s Green has made a name for itself from their live shows. The exhilarating electric guitar and thunderous percussion of tracks like “Memphis” and “Here With Me” could only sound better in front of a crowd and have an anthemic and rousing quality to them.

Even more sombre numbers such as “Heal This Pain” and “Where You Goin’” quicken the pace and have the same ferocious rock n’ roll style to them. “Dare To Dream” is an album made to be listened to live.

With a clear Brit rock influence from bands like Oasis and The Rolling Stones there’s a nostalgic feel to the instrumentals of Gallaher’s Green as well as their lyrics which often sing of a longing for times past. “The Way We Used To Be” has almost a teenage angst to it as it commemorates a moment of youth left behind as well as one of the highlights of the album “Catch The Sun”, a song that feels like running drunk through a field with your friends on a hot summers afternoon. Despite the clear old Brit Rock inspiration, there’s also a 1980s/90s American rock band influence seeping into the music on “Dare To Dream”, all in all, its very much an album fuelled by memories of the past.

Refreshingly emotionally vulnerable in their lyricism, particularly for an all-male rock band, “Dare To Dream” is a stirring and poignant record without falling into cliches. With songs like “Best Part Of Me” celebrating comfort in another and the feeling of togetherness and “Lost Your Way” which wears its heart on its sleeve each track contains raw and relatable lyricism.

The instrumental intensity and electric guitar crescendos that mark the tracks on this record only add to its emotive storm. As well as opening with a bang “Dare To Dream” closes with one too as its tempestuous titular number closes the album with soaring rock melodies. The perfect finish to such an impassioned musical project.