The latest album “Soft” from alternative pop artist Jamws sees the London-based solo artist dipping into his imagination to create a lucid and innovative musical soundscape of his own.

In 2020, EP release “Toronto” displayed Jamws cinematic musical ability and defined his subtle and exquisite approach to music making. Now his 2023 release appropriately titled “Soft” shows Jamws further embellishing his sound and experimenting with multiple genres and truly finding his feet as an artist, whilst maintaining his signature softness that transmits through his melodies.

Oceanic is a word that comes to mind when listening to “Soft”, the new album from Jamws. With the gentle yet powerful vocals of Jamws gliding effortlessly across flowing psychedelic-pop beats, the opening track “I Don’t Want To Fall In Love” has the feeling of walking along a beach on a sunny day. Released in the perfect season, “Soft” has the promise of calmness as well as new life. Songs such as “2 Controllers” are formed from layered, swimming synths and delicately whirling instrumentals, whereas the track “Undone” has more of a climactic, cinema-screen feel to its cascading electro-pop sound.

With his vocals taking centre stage on the album, Jamws shows off his astounding vocal ability that sensitively captivates the emotion of each song. Despite the tracks psychedelic sound there is nothing hazy about the tracks on “Soft”, with Grammy nominated Mikko Gordon offering his crisp and clean production skills on the album. Particularly on the track “The Kid’s Had Enough”, heavily evocative of a The 1975 track, Gordon’s subtle yet magical finishing touches really shine through.

Throughout “Soft” Jamws shows an impressive willingness to add something unexpected to the mix. The song “Always Been You” brings surprising electric guitar and an upbeat sound to the album, racing and exhilarating melodies encapsulate the listener with ease. The title track “Soft” on the other hand goes for a more acoustic, chill indie vibe with lyrics maturely celebrating delicacy and sensitivity.

The closing track “True Love” is probably the most authentic pop piece on the entire record, with a catchy bridge and chorus and all the core features of a romantic pop-ballad made to be played in a candlelit room. Playing around with multiple sounds and genres whilst keeping a signature style is a feat Jamws has achieved on his latest release “Soft”.