JiJ debut record “The Dying Light” from the Manchester-based rock band is a breathlessly dynamic love letter to 90s grunge. Their rip-roaring sound is sure to instantly ensnare the listener.

Created by avid gig-goers and inspired by some of the biggest bands of the 80s and 90s, JiJ is therefore a band formed by musicians who know how to please a crowd. Thus, the forceful presence of their music on their debut album “The Dying Light” is a testament to this ability.

To say “The Dying Light” is their first album release, JiJ have already garnered a defined sound. The opening track “Dying Of The Light” immediately screams grunge at the listener with its distorted, sludge guitars and thunderous power chord riffs. JiJ’s debut is one you should listen to on full blast.

JiJ continues this nostalgic atmosphere into the rest of their record. Displaying trademark features of minimalist drums and slurring, growling vocal delivery. Lyrically, many of their tracks tackle themes of disillusionment and discontent. Their raucous melodies combined with this creates an atmosphere that can only be called grunge. JiJ’s “The Dying Light” fits seamlessly into its genre.

The electric energy of JiJ’s debut cannot be overstated as each song is a force to be reckoned with. With the storming instrumentals of “I Want To See It All” and the frustrated, ferocious head-banger and highlight of the record that is “Let Me Go” every track on this album is perfect for live shows. It’s easy to see how JiJ has received much attention from their riveting gigs. Lyrically, JiJ also often deal with themes of frustration and confusion. This combines with their raucous melodies to form an enthralling atmosphere.

Lively almost to the point of chaos yet still full of clever hooks and guitar melodies “The Dying Light” embodies the catchy grunge rock music of bands like Alice In Chains. Nevertheless, despite wearing its influences on its sleeve each track is unique and stands up on its own.

The inspiration from 80s heavy metal bands such as Black Sabbath blends with JiJ’s grunge style to create a sound distinctive to JiJ. Using a multitude of guitar rhythms from the broken down and jagged riffs of “Rise” and “Damn This Situation” to the winding, climactic chord progressions of “Waiting For Change” there its no shortage of novelty on JiJ’s debut.

The closing track of the record “Messages Of Love” is a gloomy and angsty number with a nevertheless infectious chord progression which ends in an explosion of sound. This climactic song structure is clearly a feature that defines JiJ’s music.

Summing up perfectly the sound of JiJ, this finishes the album on a high.

JiJ’s “The Dying Light” is an impassioned and exciting debut. Their record boasts relentless vigour and originality. Undoubtedly a record that marks JiJ as an artist to expect more great things from in the future.