Delivering an essence of unalloyed bliss, Jon Yonts has simply excelled with his latest album ‘What It Is’ The US-based artist has a natural calming aroma surrounding him and his sound which is expressed throughout his album, and that is something that stood out straight away.

Tracks such as ‘Australia, Columbia’, ‘Ignoring the Flags’, and ‘No Longer a Sapling’ all carry a tranquillizing tone which bodes for the perfect study music many of us are in need of. As well as this, the sharp lyrism established in the songs adds to the escapist atmosphere of the album. The more you focus on the lyrics, the harder you fall into a hushed reverie.

When focussing on the instrumental side of things, it is safe to say ‘What it is’ has a little bit of everything. One second, you’re bombarded with the musical mastery of the synth, which instantly provides you with an array of wondrous sounds. Next, the drum is the dominant feature blessing your ears.  And every now and again, the penetrating ripple of the baseline embarks on a fearless journey, gripping the melody which each string that’s strung.

I unintentionally had this album on repeat for quite some time whilst completing some tasks. And that’s the moment I realised how radiant this album really is. It takes a lot for me to relax and thanks to Jon Yonts I managed to do just that.  Gentle, authentic, incomparable, that’s What It Is (pardon the pun).