We review the new album from Joseph Lothian – Wilderness Music Continued (Rain, Fire)

An eclectic, modern psychedelic album, it incorporates noises I’ve never heard before with more natural tones.

This album is interesting, with many different characteristics and themes, it each song relates to a different feeling, “Glacial and Spa” makes me feel very forward-thinking and focused on what is ahead or “Romantic Jam” which makes me feel nostalgic about what has happened so far in my life.

The album is very divergent and the uncanny vocals seem to materialise into lots of little musical interludes and adventures, the switch from vocals to interlude is effortless due to the parallel pace of both.

The album overall is very slow paced with small features of erratic segments “All I Can” the opening song is a perfect example of this, the song is predominantly slow but very subtly builds pace as it progresses until the climax ending, in my opinion, the slow pace of the album makes it very easy listening and I feel it would be perfect for background music.

It’s smooth this and I like it, it doesn’t have eardrum destroying rifts that raise your heartbeat but it still has enough to deserve a slot due to its peculiar creativeness.

The title of the album is very relevant, the 2 parts that stand out are “Wilderness”, there are references to the wilderness and what possibly could be the freedom it brings, the other being “(Rain, Fire”)”, obviously rain and fire are total opposites and counteract each other, just like some of the songs.

It’s hard to put into words this album, it’s very interesting, and I would definitely say give it a whirl and let the moment take you.