We review the new album from Lina And The Lions – Second Nature

In their debut album Second Nature, Lina And The Lions take you on a journey of hope, inspiring and compelling us all to dream. 

With head-bopping tunes primarily led by pulsating drums, synths, and of course, Lina’s infectious vocals, it is impossible to skip one of these ten songs. The songs all flow excellently, cementing and establishing the style of this tight-knit group.

Considering this is Lina And The Lion’s debut album, I am blown away at how mature and natural their sound feels. More often than not, a band’s first album will sound slightly unconfident, however, this is quite the opposite. This self assurance is further illustrated by the conceptual themes that Second Nature keeps coming back to: releasing our inner child, growth, and not letting that light burn out. These concepts are executed excellently, with diligence and wit. 

The themes that Lina And The Lions dance around are reinforced by the nostalgic sounds that are created by dream-like synths and reverberated walls of noise that are supernatural. For instance, Call Me features a shimmering instrumental that leads into a chorus that feels so wonderfully euphoric, with its grand piano chords and shouting vocals. The song breaks down with tasteful use of autotune and minimal handclaps, as the band show yet another glimpse of their versatility and ability to keep you guessing. 

Energy and passion is prevalent in every last track. This provides the soul of what this band is attempting to achieve, with inspiring lyrics that hope to capture imaginations. The fast-moving drums in songs such as Worth The Wait or Nothing Inbetween are motivating, with a pulsating beat that goes hand in hand with the animated spirit of the guitars and vocals. 

Second Nature is able to pick you up and throw you back down again throughout the exact same track, for instance, the ending song Relentless love is a prime example of this. The chord progression and use of the synth is overwhelmingly heart-wrenching.

This is matched with Lina’s vocals that capture the innocence and all its beauty. The line ‘relentless love’ is repeated again and again, until the music fades out and just when you think the album is done, the song revives itself in a spectacularly atmospheric way. The album then closes (for real this time) with an operatic outro packed with fuzzed guitars and crashing drums. 

The final moment of this album is glorious! Do not skip to track ten though, as the nine tracks that precede are a necessary part of the journey that builds up to this unforgettable ending.