It’s their first new album in over a decade, and let me tell you, it does not disappoint.
If Carlsberg did comebacks…


Let’s go through the album track by track.

Cheap Stolen Kisses:
A heavy drumbeat kicks off the track, a very easy listen despite the heavy story in the lyrics.
Reminds me of the style of their original album ‘About What You Know.’
The guitar work is sublime and packs a punch, giving the feel of the Little Man Tate we all love.
VERY honest lyrics and a great guitar riff.

Undercover Lovers:
I love the beginning of this, it’s a bit heavier and hooks you in with a great guitar solo, the style is consistent with Cheap Stolen Kisses, a brilliant way of telling a story, but catchy, and the chorus goes a bit softer, I can guarantee it’ll make great sing-along for crowds at live gigs.
The guitar in this is sublime, with plenty of solo opportunities, and a very well put together track.

Down in The Gutter:
Once again, Jon Windle tells a story in such a charismatic way, and it flows well, this track is softer than Cheap Stolen Kisses and Undercover Lover, I’d stick this on in the car and have a good sing-along, the lyrics are relatable and the drum beat is exceptional in this one, it ties the track together.

You Rub Me Up The Wrong Way:
I LOVE the beginning, I wasn’t expecting this, it brings character and a sense of comedy to the song. Once again, a relatable song for many, the lyrics could resonate with many.
It talks about a couple potentially winding each other up, as well as meeting the family, going to events together, all your typical couple stuff, but it’s done brilliantly.
It’s a very easy-flowing track.

Bit darker this one, nearly a bit of a genre switch, summarises a bit of nostalgia for a past relationship with others and yourself. Few different instruments in this, it’s experimental and a bit different from the rest of the album, not what I expected, but I rate it.

Get Up Get Out:
This is a bit closer to the Little Man Tate style we all know and love compared to 23.
A very easy listen, steadily rocky, perfect one for a crowd to sing along to and lyrics that are easy to pick up.

Kiss and Just Be Friends:
I like this one, it’s soft to start and dips in and out of a rocky guitar and drum beat.
Potentially telling the story of a situationship, which to some would all be too relatable.
I feel like this song spoke to me and would 10000% be part of my life soundtrack.
This is one of my favourite tracks on my album with strong and relatable lyrics and an infectious backing track to compliment it.

Two Lives:
A longer intro on this, it’s a bit of a slow burner, but it keeps you hooked.
When the vocals do kick in, it’s softer, and the guitar builds, it makes you feel good and it’s an easy listen.
Parts of it remind me of their track ‘Audrey Hepburn’.

We Can Be The Gossip:
Ooh this is different, another surprising intro, again, very real lyrics that come together with Jon’s upbeat vocals, Maz’s guitar, Ben’s bass and Dan’s drums, this is another favourite.
It gets more upbeat as it goes on and the guitar solo in particular had me swaying along.

One Last Song:
They slow it down here, good to hear a collaboration of vocals in parts, it’s soft and slow and has a lot of different elements to it. The drumbeat in particular is a highlight, I can imagine belting this out at one of their gigs before their inevitable encore.

You Know You’re Turning Me On:
If the title didn’t suggest this already, this one is a little bit cheeky, but still tells a story, albeit a dirty one.
Speaking of dirty, the guitar riffs in the middle match the mood of the song, if anyone can get away with this, it’s Little Man Tate.
The ending picks up a bit and hooks you back in with a switch of tempo and then slows it right down again.

‘Beautiful and Deadly’:
The final track of the album feels a little bit experimental, but it soon settles into the Little Man Tate style we all know and love. It picks up again though, and it’s certainly different to the rest of the album in my opinion.

Overall, if you were going to do a comeback album, this is the way to do it. It’s fresh, it’s fun, it’s catchy and I think will be a good hit with fans and music lovers alike.

You can tell a lot of work, love and passion went into it, I look forward to seeing more of this live.