In the heart of a small town in America, where the authenticity of life often takes precedence over the glitz and glamour of the city, Litvar has been steadily carving a niche for itself. The indie-rock trio, comprising Rex Thurstan, Violet Falkowski, and Joe Lemieux from Willimantic, Connecticut, has returned with their second album, Eloquently Aimless. A musical odyssey that speaks volumes about their roots and their determination to defy convention.

The album is an eleven-track masterpiece that effortlessly bridges the gap between the nostalgic vibes of the early 2000s and the contemporary indie soundscapes of today. Each song unveils a unique facet of Litvar’s songwriting prowess, but one that stands out is the focus track, ‘All Those Minutes Ago’, which ironically dissects relationship dilemmas and the constant urge to reinvent oneself.

Moreover, the album isn’t just a collection of songs; it’s a deep exploration of the human experience. Litvar themselves describe it as an exploration of “crawling out of dark mental spaces, confronting ego, being unsure of yourself, and wanting to go back in time and change your mistakes”. It’s a raw and honest reflection of their personal growth and struggles. Thus making it easy for listeners to resonate with the topics of the album.

Litvar’s origin story is rooted in the deep friendship between Rex and Violet, who began making music together during their high school days. Over the years, they honed their songwriting skills in various musical projects. However, the turning point for the duo occurred in 2019 when they met Joe at a local Connecticut show. Instant chemistry led Joe to become their drummer and they soon became a fixture in the local music scene.

The pandemic in 2020 saw Joe and Rex hunkered down, churning out songs that would eventually become Litvar’s debut album, “The Greatest Movie of All Time”. Their debut single, ‘Hi I’m Andy,’ released in May 2020, garnered significant attention, amassing over 100,000 streams and a dedicated online following. They followed up with the full album release in September 2020, which caught the eye of LA-based indie label Mother West, leading to their signing in October.

The summer of 2022 marked another milestone with the release of the standalone hit single, ‘No One Tastes Like You’, produced by Wolfgang Zimmerman (known for his work with Band of Horses). Accompanied by a gritty music video, this single showcased Litvar’s evolution and refusal to be confined by genre boundaries.

With each new release, they further establish their name in the indie-rock scene with their signature sound and Eloquently Aimless is no exception.

This sonic journey filled with surprises, seamlessly blending indie-pop, alt-rock, and indie-electronica will definitely appeal to new listeners.



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