We review the new album from Michael Lumby – Wolves On The Mountain.

Following the success of numerous live shows in Scotland and 6 unique singles which lead to him gaining a loving fanbase and media attention, Michael Lumby has released his debut album, ‘Wolves On The Mountain’, to heaps of praise, and it is easy to see why.

After being inspired to write the record by different genres and love of fictional stories, the album sees Michael work with a number of artists to create a body of work that is enticing and unique. Wolves On The Mountain is a vibrant collection of tracks that sees listeners introduced to a number of characters who are bought to life by the instrumentation of Michael Lumby. Recorded and produced at his own recording studio in Perth, Scotland, Michael’s DIY style is mastered through this album.

The album holds several collaborations which some may see as off-putting, however, Michael incorporates these artists in such a way that they really do help to bring his tracks to life even further. The title track, ‘Wolves On The Mountain’ features country vocals handed to Michael by Fiona Reid – an exciting, heart-warming addition to a track that is already radiant with its instrumentation, filled with bright guitar riffs and cheery melodies.

The instrumentation upon this album allows Michael Lumby’s talents to shine through, where each track feels completely different and unique to the last, the guitar solos feel intricate and detailed to create fluidity throughout the album, making it bind together as a strong piece of work. This is displayed best through the darkness of ‘That’s What A War Does’, a dark track that is destined to grasp the attention of listeners tightly.

Tracks like, ‘Knights Nightmare’ and ‘Maybe I’ll See You Tonight’, allow Michael’s rock influences to come to the forefront, with the sharp guitars and hard-hitting drums displayed on both of these tracks having the potential to remind listeners of classic rock bands such as The Rolling Stones.

With the release of Wolves On The Mountain, Michael Lumby surges himself even further into the limelight – pushing himself to become one of Scotland’s most intuitive and exciting artists to date. He crafts tracks that work perfectly on their own yet bode together gracefully in the shape of the album. Wolves On The Mountain holds something for everyone, a true delight to listen to.

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